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Stand Out in the Crowd with Customized Solutions

Increased competition combined with more informed consumers creates the need for improved guest services through enhanced entertainment offerings. This can be accomplished by partnering with The Pelican Group to develop and implement a customized vending management solution to meet your corporate goals. We work closely with your organization to develop a custom solution across all locations based on the type of establishments, the locations and demographics.
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Mission - "Great Partners = Major Profits...

Great Partners = Major Profits

Great Partners = Major Profits

In addition to Pelican’s network of over 600 local operators, The Pelican Group has partnered with the leading manufacturers of the newest technologies including digital music, interactive gaming, video & table gaming and bulk vending. Partnering with technology leaders in vending, such as TouchTunes, IT Games and Global VR allows us to develop the most state-of-the-art program for our clients.

Partners & Products / Music


Increased Revenue: Music to Your Ears!

Current background music systems playing looped music playlists are inferior as they are both unappealing for your employees and your customers. New, digital, interactive music systems allow your patrons to choose the music they want to hear from a prescreened list of approved genres. As part of our custom solution, The Pelican Group has developed a Music Advisory Board that includes a representative from TouchTunes, the local / corporate organization and a representative from The Pelican Group to develop a digital music program that is right for your brand. Not only does this interactive solution enhance the environment of your brand, it also generates bottom line revenue.
Increased Revenue: Music to Your Ears
TouchTunes - Digital Internet Access Jukeboxes

TouchTunes - Digital Internet Access Jukeboxes

TouchTunes is the largest out-of-home interactive entertainment network, providing innovative solutions to over 34,000 bars, restaurants, retailers and other businesses in North America. TouchTunes introduced the world’s first digital-downloading, pay-per-play commercial jukebox in 1998 and now operates the largest network of interactive entertainment systems, playing over 1.5 million songs per day. TouchTunes maintains a digital music library covering more than two million licensed tracks from every major record label, plus independent music distributors and a host of independent labels. The products include the Allegro Jukebox, Ovation Jukebox and the PlayPorTT portable interactive game unit. For more information -
Rowe Juke Boxes - Digital Internet Access Jukeboxes

Rowe Juke Boxes - Digital Internet Access Jukeboxes

Thanks to revolutionary jukebox technology, everyone can play his or her favorite songs anytime. Downloading tunes from the Internet immediately empowers customers and gives them the ability to express themselves. With hundreds of thousands of songs to choose from, "If it's in you...It's in here." The Rowe product line includes the Nighthawk Jukebox and the Solara Jukebox.For more information

Partners & Products / Amusement Equipment

Amusement Equipment

Warning: Customers May Get Addicted (To Your Establishment)!

The right mix of video games at an establishment will enhance the overall guest experience leading to increased guest satisfaction and improved revenues. Here are a few of our partners:
IT Games

IT Games - Coin Operated Video Games

IT Games - Coin Operated Video Games Incredible Technologies (IT), located in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, Illinois, was founded in July of 1985. IT is the largest US designer and manufacturer of coin-operated video games, with annual gross sales of over $60 million. IT specializes in the design and development of entertainment hardware and software for coin-operated, consumer and cartridge-based systems. The company employs over 100 designers, programmers, artists, animators, sound engineers, service technicians and production personnel. IT Games product line includes Golden Tee Golf, Bagz Bowling and Silver Strike Bowling. For more information
Merit Industries

Merit Industries - Countertop/booth mount games

For 30 years, Merit has been designing hardware to support operators with games players love. During those three decades, we pioneered many changes that have since become industry standards. Merit was the first to bring street and tavern operators a multi-game system, software upgrades to sustain earnings on aging hardware, a touch screen game system, and countertop game-to-jukebox linking. The Merit Industries product line includes Mega Touch Aurora and Mega Touch Entertainer.For more information
JVL Entertainment

JVL Entertainment - We take our games seriously!!

JVL Corporation, a pioneer in touch screen technology, is a privately held, 25 year old organization. Through research, development and innovation, JVL has proven itself as a market leader, offering machines that are user-friendly and require less servicing than any other machine in the industry. The JVL Entertainment product line includes Retro countertop Game.For more information -


Raw Thrills Inc. was founded in 2001 by former Midway game designer Eugene Jarvis and partner Andrew Eloff to create the next generation of arcade game entertainment. The Raw Thrills product line includes Fast and Furious, Superbikes, Big Buck & Target Terror.For more information -
Global VR

Global VR

GLOBAL VR is the world's leading manufacturer of coin-operated video games based on home PC gaming technology. With the exploding home gaming market expected to approach $35 billion worldwide, GLOBAL VR is leveraging the massive investment in development of games expected to trigger a renaissance in the out-of-home video game industry. The Global VR product line includes Nascar, Americas Army & Blazing Angeles.For more information -

Increase the energy level and enhance the overall guest experience

Research suggests that adding even a single amusement game to an establishment increases the energy in the establishment and can increase the establishment’s core business.
Valley Dynamo

Valley Dynamo - The Highest Quality Table Games!

The Valley® company was born about 55 years ago in Bay City, Michigan under the auspices of one Earl Feddick. Mr. Feddick was in the wooden toy and furniture business when he decided to build a new product, coin-operated bumper pool. The Valley Dynamo product line includes Great 8, Metro Pool Table & Air Hockey.For more information -
Ice Game

Ice Games

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE) has been a manufacturer of coin operated amusement, sports, and redemption games since 1982. The Ice Games product line includes Crazy Hoops.For more information
Lai Games

Lai Games

LAI Games, a subsidiary of Leisure and Allied Industries Group, the company has been a leader in the interactive entertainment and game industry for over 45 years. The company develops, manufacture and sell coin operated Prize Vending games, Ticket Redemption games and Kiddie Rides to distributors, operators and entertainment centers around the world. For more information please visit -


Kalkomat manufactures high quality games. "We put lot of effort into our products!" The Kalkomat product line includes The Boxer.For more information -


Kiddie Rides, bulk vending, and plush cranes are significant components to any vend management solution. The Pelican group works with the industry leaders to ensure state-of-the-art kiddie rides and relevant merchandise makes its’ way into your locations.
Impulse Industries

Impulse Industries

Impulse Industries has been serving the Amusement/Vending industry for over 18 years.Timeless Themes Built To Last A Lifetime. The Impulse Industries product line includes Cranes. Bulk Vending & Novelty Vending.For more information -
Smart Industries

Smart Industries

Smart Industries is a leading manufacturer of coin operated amusement machinery. We have been supplying operators with quality equipment since 1985. Smart Industries manufactures everything from crane games to Email/Movie Photo Booths. We carry the belief of quality and service with every machine we sell.

Partners & Products / Vending


Cranes Merchandising Systems

Crane Merchandising Systems (CMS) designs and manufactures a complete range of hot and cold drinks vending machines, snack and food merchandisers as well as versatile combination models under the National Vendors,Automatic Products, GPL, Dixie-Narco and Stentorfield brands. The CMS product line includes BevMax3 & snack machines.For more information -
 Cranes Merchandising Systems

Partners & Products / Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

Complementing our mix of products and services…The Pelican Group maintains strategic partnerships with Industry leading companies such as:

Triton ATM's

For the most reliable and highest quality ATMs, nothing beats a Triton. Triton continues to set new standards with innovative features and support after the sale. Additionally, Triton is known throughout the industry as a leader in the area of regulatory compliance. We make sure our machines meet all current and proposed regulations, so compliance is never is an issue.
Cantaloupe Systems

Cantaloupe Systems

Cantaloupe Systems Corporation, headquartered in Berkeley, California, is the leader in developing complete wireless M2M applications for vertical markets. Its unique system of remote monitoring for vending machines, known as Seed®, has been successfully used by vending manufacturers and operators nationwide. Cantaloupe Systems believes that real-time wireless information is the key to solving a myriad of industry problems and a cornerstone for maximizing profitable growth.