case studies

Case Studies

The Pelican Group is constantly searching for the hottest new games and trends in order to improve our offering and our client's revenues.

TGI Friday's

TGI Friday's

After meeting with TGI Friday's and learning their desire to spur their bar business as well as find additional revenue opportunities, we found a solution that utilizes a TouchTunes interactive digital jukebox as well as a Merit countertop game.

The countertop video game not only generates significant revenue but also increases retained time from their customers. They stay longer, drink more and return more often. The Jukebox not only gives their locations a wonderful background music source, that has over 1500 hundred songs, it also allows for the selection of over 40000 paid songs to be selected which was tailored to the needs of TGI Friday's and their customers.

National Jukebox Roll Out

National Jukebox Roll Out

We determined that several of the smaller markets did not support the level of usage necessary to warrant a high end video jukebox. We did, however, want to ensure for a consistent level of uniformity throughout all locations.

So we went to work with Touch Tunes to figure out a solution. We looked at various solutions and programs but nothing fit until we thought of a brand new idea for equipment manufacturers. We suggested revenue sharing with Touch Tunes.

Touch Tunes cooperated and was able to enter into a revenue sharing program that allowed for a digital jukebox in every store. Touch Tunes was able to average their revenue across all the markets so that the smaller less productive markets did not stand out as much.

The overall result was a profitable venture for the local operators, increased volume for the manufacturer and a solid solution for the chain that allowed every location to have a state of the art digital jukebox.

Your guest will be so much happier with innovative solutions that improve their visit that they will stay longer, purchase additional food & beverage and come back more often. Improving the overall vend management solution leads to a more conducive work environment which can lead to increased productivity and improved retention of employees.


AMF Bowling Centers - Increased Revenue Will be Music to Your Ears!!

As part of a custom solution, The Pelican Group developed a Music Advisory Boards that includes a representative from Touch Tunes, your organization (local or corporate) and representatives from The Pelican Group to develop a digital music program that is right for you.

The board pulls National analytics from The Pelican Group SWOOP Analytic Software to determine what works based on the demographic and the clientele.

We also draw from experience with National clients such as AMF Bowling Centers to develop a MUSICAL PARTITION system for the various markets. The partition provides the ability to choose from regional databases to develop up to four (4) partitions in your database. The partitions are programmed for different times of the day and week.
You might want to have golden oldies for your senior crowd during the afternoons and shift into a teenage friendly set for your 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

Loan Boxer

The Loan Boxer

When the Loan Boxer free standing boxing game hit the market Pelican noticed the revenues of small tavern who had installed the game skyrocket. After learning how well the machine was being received The Pelican Group suggested placing the game in several other locations around the country where similar increased revenues were documented. The success of the game was brought to the attention of our entire network of clients which allowed all of them to reap the benefit from the success of the new game. The Pelican Group National Network and dedication to maximizing our client offering allows us to help our clients increase sales.



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